Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010 9:38 PM, CST

Thankfully, Elizabeth had a pretty good day today. She was able to keep her oxgyen saturation in the mid/upper 90s on 65% oxgyen. They are now attempting to wean down some of the vent settings again so we will see how the night goes. She has required less extra sedation meds today and that has been a great improvement. My new goal for her is the be listed by her 1st birthday, which is Thursday!! So if she can continue to remain stable and get rid of the infection it might just happen, trying not to get my hopes up. She has another blood test on Monday morning to check her CRP level, so that will be a good indicator of what direction we are headed.
   And our second thing to thankful for tonight... We were able to find a chinese resturant open :) Matt called about 10 different places before we found somewhere and luckily it was close to the hospital so I was able to go pick up food and bring it back for us to eat.
Since Matt was so great and let me sleep alot today I am staying at the hopstial again tonight. We have a great nurse tonight so I am not to worried about all the changes. He tends to listen to me when I tell him I dont agree with the changes and also is quick to ensure she gets meds when she is getting aggitated. Hoping for a good night!

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