Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Elizabeth's 1st day of School - NOT the best picture but after 3 hours of crying this was the best I could get!

Elizabeth started preschool in August!! Exciting and scary all in the same. We are so excited that she has the opportunity to be around other kids, to learn, play, and be able to get her therapies in an integrated setting. She is going to Sisken Children's Institute; for those who unfamiliar with this school in Chattanooga, its a center that specializes in children with developmental delays/disabilities but is also inclusive meaning that normally developing children also attend. We feel comfortable sending her here, since there are other medically fragile children who attend there. We know the teachers and staff are vigilant and understanding of our concerns regarding germs, illness, and overall issues with a special needs child. We love the school nurse and feel very confident in her ability to care for Elizabeth.  She gets PT, OT and ST at school in the classroom, which I think is good for her to be able to have her therapies while she is a bit "distracted" by being at school. There are a total of 10 kids in her class, she goes 3 days a week for 3 1/2 hours at a time.

On the playground!

As for Elizabeth, she really isnt sure what to think about school. She cries ALOT, especially those first two weeks. She cried pretty much the whole 3 1/2 hours she was there. I stayed in the classroom or the observation room alot. She did get a cold after week 3 and we kept her home for a week. Shes back at it now, and has gotten a little better with being more involved. She cries when she gets dropped off but calms down at breakfast when she gets a spoon to play with :)  The teachers tell us she is getting more interactive with the other kids. She takes her wheelchair to school and uses it alot. I am sure school has been a bit of a shock to her. She has always been with us or family members, so being around strangers especially kids in a different environment is bit overwhelming for her. But she seems to like being around the kids, and wants to play but just isnt sure what to do yet.

We feel she is making alot of progress with communication. She is using sign language alot more some of the signs she uses are book, more, read, please, thank you, eat, music, love you and a few others. She can also speak words, and has started trying to repeat words. Its an amazing miracle we are so grateful for !! Of course my most favorite word she says is "Moma", I want to cry everytime she says it. There were days I thought I would NEVER hear her say it and it really does bring a smile to my face every single time!! She still refuses to eat much by mouth, but has stated using a sippy cup again (sometimes).

Other good news around here, I was transferred to dayshift!! Most of you know that I have worked 2nd shift before and after she was born and then when we got back from Texas I worked 3rd or split shift. Being on dayshift will allow Matt and I to work while Elizabeth goes to school during the day and we can all spend time together as a family in the evenings. Our parents will be helping with her alot until she starts school full time in January. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a more "normal' schedule.

Elizabeth LOVES music. She got her very own Itouch to listen too!

We are definately still on "Elizabeth Time" when it comes to making progress. She picks and chooses when she wants to do things, and will do it when she is ready. We are so proud of her!!