Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010 11:09 PM, CST

CRP level was 28.8, yes that is an INCREASE. When we got here she was at 25 then down to 23 and today 28.8!! She has to be below 10 to be listed for transplant. I requested that one of her antibitoics be changed from oral form (getting it through her feeding tube) be changed to IV form to ensure it was being absorbed properly. I have been questioning this since they started it, but was told there is a nationwide shortage of the antibiotic, bactrum, in IV form and she will have to have it for transplant so they didnt want to use it unless necessary. After I brought up the point that if we cant get her over this infection we will never make it transplant, I think they understood me a little bit better. And she got her first dose of IV bactrium tonight. So we shall see if it makes a difference, at this point I dont think it will hurt.
Another issue today, her arterial line stopped working AGAIN. So she now has no access for them to draw blood from. She will have to be stuck for all her blood work which makes her mad and causes her to have desaturations. They plan to try and get another line sometime tomorrow. The problem with this is that her arteries are hard to find due to the swelling and the fact that she has been stuck or had lines in so many already.
Good news of the day: she has remained stable. Oxygen levels of 60-65% with saturations staying above 95 and still off the paralytic. She opened her eyes more today, and seemed to tolerate physical therapy and everything else really well. They took the chest tube out today as well, and she didnt even seem bothered by that. And they were able to wean down some of her ventilator settings since she is doing so well.  I posted a picture from today with her eyes open, its a little dark but you still get the point. :)

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