Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011 10:01 PM

Today was a day filled with good news and bad news, and NONE of it relating to Elizabeth. But a simple reminder of how quickly life can change.

I woke up to an update from Jet's caringbridge page (the little boy that is waiting for lungs in St Louis, who was listed the SAME day as Elizabeth). He got the call early this morning, and just headed back for his surgery a few minutes ago! I am so happy and exicted for him and his family. And praying that these were the perfect lungs for him, and that recovery will be easy and quick. His offer was a reminder that another life was lost today. In order for Jet to get his lungs, someone had to lose their precious baby. The same way someone will suffer a great loss for Elizabeth to get her gift of life. All of this brings back the grief I am feeling for the loss of precious baby Eden earlier this week. I think of her and her amazing parents and sister all the time.
The morning was quickly saddened by the news of a fellow police officer being shot and killed in the line of duty back home. Most of you know that I am a police officer, and love my job and also know that I work for the most amazingly supportive department. They have been behind us 110% throughout this journey. I am devastated for our loss, and for the Sgt's family. I can not imagine how difficult things are at home for all of my brothers and sisters in blue. This is just another reminder of how precious life is, and how quickly it can change.

This week has been filled with so many emotions, and I sometimes wonder why it has to be like this. Please keep all of the families mentioned above in your thoughts and prayers. The days, weeks, months and even years to come will be difficult and challenging for all of them. But this journey has taught me that no matter how horrible things are as long as you are surronded by amazing people you can get through anything.

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