Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trach Free (three hours and counting)

Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital yesterday for her decannulation (taking the trach out). They observed her overnight and then this morning around 1000 the Dr just took it out, and placed a gauze over the opening and taped it down. She is doing really well so far, she has been needing a little bit of oxygen when she sleeps and has still needed it today without the trach so we are just using a nasal cannula for that. So during her awake times, its pretty amazing to see her breathing on her own, with nothing assisting her. This is the first time in her life that we have seen her without some form of support. So thankful for her angel lungs and her strength to  keep fighting!!

We will be in the hospital overnight for observation again, IF she gets starts having trouble the trach could be put back in. Since we are here, they are doing another halter monitor for her heart, and she will get her 18 month immunizations before we leave the hospital.  But we are hoping she continues to do well and will  discharged back to our apartment here in Houston tomorrow. Then we will get her 3 month post transplant evaluation scheduled hopefully for sometime next week.

Thank You all for your continued prayers and support, Elizabeth truly is a miracle and we are so lucky to witness her progress every day.

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