Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hope and Fear

Just wanted to do a quick update on things around here. Most of you family, friends, and those who I am friends on Facebook with already know our big announcement. But we are expecting another little girl in January 2014. We put a lot of prayer, thought and research into our decision to have another child. We met with the genetics Doctors at Texas and a genetics counselor here at home and were told the chances of Elizabeth's condition reoccurring were 1-3%. Due to Elizabeth's genetic mutation being X-linked, and me not having any of the genetic abnormalities they think the mutation Elizabeth has was sporadic. We realize that life with Elizabeth can sometimes be difficult with the care she needs but we also realize that life must go on for us and Elizabeth. We can not live in fear of the unknown (easier said than done!) But have faith that God will give us no more than we can handle. And that is how I am handling this pregnancy and the fear I feel daily. I am excited to be a mommy of 2, and even more excited for Elizabeth to have the chance to be a big sister, and for this baby to meet, and love Elizabeth just as we all do. So with all of that, we went into this pregnancy more educated than when I was pregnant with Elizabeth. In an effort to be as prepared as possible, I decided to have an amniocentesis done with this pregnancy, I had one with Elizabeth and was assured the results were normal. But now we know what genetic mutation to look for specifically. So last Monday I was seen by the high risk doctor here in Chattanooga. They did an anatomy scan, and the amnio on the same day. Based on the ultrasound this baby appears normal and healthy, there are NO abnormalities visible like the ones we saw with Elizabeth. The results from the amnio will take a few weeks to come back, but we are hopeful for only good news. We chose to do these tests so we could be best prepared to care for our little girl, regardless of the outcome we will love her just as much.

As for Miss Elizabeth, she is doing so amazing! She has continued to make progress with saying more words. And has started trying to walk when you hold onto her hands. She really is making the most of those angel lungs :) She started her 2nd year of preschool last week in a new classroom. Thankfully most of the same kids are in the class, just new teachers. Every milestone she meets truly another blessing for us, there were many days I worried she would never make it this far. We head to Houston this week for testing and possible airway surgery. Matt and I both are so unsure of what to do, what decision will be best for Elizabeth. We are hoping with more information from the tests and the consultation with the surgeon, we will have more information to make this decision. We want what is best for her, sometimes I really do hate having to make these decisions that affect her life so much. I know thats part of being a parent, but sometimes it is a lot to take in - having to make choices that could mean life or death for your child or choices that could totally affect their quality of life. But with all the other decisions we have had to make, I try to remind myself that not matter what WE decide, someone bigger already knows the outcome.

I will update more as we learn more during our trip to Texas, and as we get the results on Baby #2. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We will definitely need them as we embark on this new stage of life with Elizabeth!

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